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The ecological impact of almond production

What if the choices you were making for the right reasons were creating the worst outcomes? The rise of almond milk as a dairy substitute has skyrocketed demand, causing a devastating ecological impact.
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All or nothing: An investigation into consumers' taste for opposites

I'm not even awake. Vision is blurred and breathing still steady. I reach for my phone and open the insta, sad story. The scroll commences, steady and reassuring like the passing days. Reassuring like the flowing of the...WHAM! Tater-tot-breakfast-waffle-cone-pulled-pork-melted-cheese- sauce-bacon-oozing-egg-yolk, smacks me in the face. Is that an onion ring on top? Is heartburn even a thing?
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The most wasted food in the UK + a simple Italian recipe (Panzanella) to help fix it | BOL Foods

When we think of basic sustenance - ancient, holy, simple food - we always think of one thing: bread. For centuries and indeed millennia it has been a staple of diets all over the world. Its various forms and flavours are always a beautiful embodiment of the country it feeds and the people who adore it. This popular food is abundant around the world. It is an unfortunate truth that where there is abundance there is waste, and so is the case with bread.

Debunking the flavour myth: The fascinating science behind taste | BOL Foods

You’re heading home and it just hits you. That sweet scent of freshly baked bread is inebriating. You don’t always give in, but this time you really deserve it - it’s been a long week. As you grab the rustic brown paper bag from the smiling server, you feel the warm steaming loaf under your skin. You sit down and peel back the brown paper, gently. It’s a thing of beauty, really: the perfectly scored and symmetric rounded corners.
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